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March 2018 Newsletter

In this issue you will find updates of the WBG Community Managers group, engage with the Community-Driven Development Global Solutions Group core team to know more about their experience supporting WBG practitioners, and learn about upcoming training opportunities. Feel free to send me an email if you need more information or want to feature something in our next newsletter. Enjoy!




This month, we launched four Working Out Loud threads. In our WOL discussions members share successes, challenges, and their plans for the week. Here is a summary of what our fellow WBG Community Managers shared this month!

Work: Daniel Lopes and the Connect4Climate team were organizing the All4TheGreen event in Bologna, Italy. Bardha Ajeti was preparing for a conference on Western Balkans trends for the Jobs Gateway CoP. Simona Palummo and the Disability and Inclusion community hosted the BBL "Levers of Success: Stories of Persons with Disabilities Doing Well in Africa". 

Challenge: Zarko and Aaron worked together to design an online competition for the Writing and Public Speaking communities. Gunes got ideas from Emilia on how to develop operational focused knowledge exchange activities.

Success: Congratulations to Rodica Olariu and the Tokyo Development Learning Center team for the successful Urban Regeneration Technical Deep Dive in Tokyo!

Join me in welcoming our new members!

Please introduce yourself in our online introduction thread and let’s get the conversation started!


This month we are featuring the Community-Driven Development Global Solutions Group (CDD GSG), winners of the Stories of Impact Competition in the category of Practitioner Support. Here is the group profile and how they support WBG practitioners:

The CDD GSG is a cross-disciplinary, flexible, and dynamic body of CDD practitioners and other interested staff from different regions and practices within and outside of the Bank. It serves to exchange ideas, knowledge, and learning; support and monitor innovation relating to CDD; provide an operational resource center for task teams, and a venue for networking, resource mobilization, and partnership among teams working with CDD approaches across different sectoral themes and country contexts.

The work of the CDD secretariat helps to connect task teams to global knowledge, ensures that the CDD portfolio is informed by latest lessons learned, and creates an environment for learning and knowledge exchange for both new and seasoned Bank staff, as well as for a broad range of outside partners. This work has supported the Bank to effectively use CDD approaches to respond to a broad range of challenges, including service delivery in fragile and remote regions, responding to natural disasters and climate change, supporting the participation of women in decision-making and the inclusion of indigenous peoples.

Want to know more? Ask them a question directly, in this online thread. The CDD GSG core team will be answering questions at their pace from April 16 to April 27.



SPARK transition presentation to Community Managers | April 2 at 9:00am -> Join us for a 2-hours session with the ITS Intranet Support team to learn about the SPARK transition and what it means for communities of practice and your work as community managers. Our focus will be on World Bank and mixed (World Bank Group) communities, if you have questions about the specific IFC transition process, please reach out to the ifcintranetrenewal@ifc.org . RSVP here.

Job Opportunity - Knowledge Management and Communications Consultant - IEG

The Independent Evaluation Group, Knowledge and Communications unit (IEGKC), is seeking an STC to join the Evaluation Capacity Development (ECD). The ECD team is responsible for two IEGKC projects: the CLEAR (Centers for Learning on Evaluation and Results) program and IPDET (International Program for Development Evaluation Training).

For full job description and to express interest click here.



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