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July 3-7 Update by Kristalina Georgieva


Annual meetings readout:

  • Message from the Development Committee: strengthening financial capacity.
  • Message form the shareholders “you are a better bank and now is the time to be a bigger bank.”
  • Next six months are critical on delivery.
  • IDA18 is moving forward in an impressive manner
  • Link to Development Committee Communique
  • Message on cascade, financing for development, has been embraced.
  • Help vulnerable countries in the face of climate change
  • World Development Report on Education: invest in quantity and quality
  • Focus on Human Capital project
  • Strong faith in what the Bank can provide as a leader in development.

Backdrop in the video:

  • Mosaic installation is a result of a global online-offline campaign to #EndPoverty in our lifetime. Over 1,300 photos were submitted by 673 people from 83 countries. #EndPovertyMosaic reached an estimated 15M people.


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