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النشرة الإلكترونية لمجموعة البنك الدولي
Indian women crossing sand dunes and carrying on their heads water from local well, Thar Desert, Rajasthan, India. Rajasthani women and children often walk long distances through the desert to bring back jugs of water that they carry on their heads. ©iStock.com/Bartosz Hadyniak

The consequences of drought may be invisible, but they are significant, causing “misery in slow motion,” a new research finds. Read More »

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Copper cable factory. © Shutterstock/Official

Oil prices are forecast to rise in 2018, while the surge in metals prices is expected to level off next year. Read Report »

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© Graham Crouch/World Bank

Political stability, security, and regulatory environment are leading factors driving decisions to invest in developing countries, a new research finds. Read Report »

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Grandfather and granddaughter walking back from school in Sousse, Tunisia. © Lyubov Timofeyeva | Shutterstock.com

“Some weeks ago, more than two million Tunisian primary, junior high, and high school students headed back to school, just as hundreds of millions of children in northern countries. This is certainly cause for celebration! However, despite major strides over the past decade, data from UNESCO’s Institute for Statistics for June 2016 estimate that almost 263 million children and youth across the globe are not enrolled in school.” Read More »

-Michael Drabble, October 23

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Diarrhoeal disease is preventable with safe water, yet it kills one child every minute: http://youtu.be/UnHjBheHPGA #IValueWater #SDG6

Each year, natural disasters and #climatechange around the world have a devastating effect on children’s education. They cause direct harm to children, teachers, and the school community, damaging or destroying school infrastructure. What can we do? http://wrld.bg/wfGZ30g05x0

Data Chart: In the last 26 years, the global under-five mortality rate dropped by 56%. © World Bank
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