World Bank Group Archives


The World Bank Group Archives periodically creates and publishes online exhibits highlighting the holdings of the Archives or aspects of the Bank's history. Below are ten of the most recent or popular exhibits. Older exhibits have been converted to pdf and transferred to the World Bank's online publication database, Documents & Reports, where they form the World Bank Group Archives Exhibit Series.


The Records of the Global Environment Facility

Describes the origin of the Facility and records related to its creation.


Pope Paul VI's Encyclical: "On the Development of Peoples"

In recognition of Pope Francis's visit to Washington, D.C., we look at Pope Paul VI's 1967 encyclical.


Women in Development and the World Bank Group

Learn about how the Women in Development Sector emerged in the World Bank Group in the 1970s.


Economists to the 'Core'?: Humor and Creativity at the World Bank

Explore the creative side of Bank staffers.


Bretton Woods Monetary Conference, July 1-22, 1944

The origins of the World Bank lie in a grand hotel in New Hampshire's White Mountains.


John McCloy’s Congratulations on the British Royal Birth in 1948

British Ambassador Franks acknowledges Bank President McCloy's congratulatory message.


The World Bank in Washington's Foggy Bottom?

1818 H Street wasn't the first choice for a new World Bank headquarters.


Nelson Mandela, South Africa and the World Bank Group

Mandela's role in the relationship between the WBG and South Africa.