Staff & EDs


The schedule will be available in September 2018. All events, times, and locations listed in the schedule are tentative and subject to change.

Staff and Visitor Registration

World Bank Group Staff must be approved to attend, and registered, for the Annual Meetings. Instructions for registering staff will be shared with department coordinators. For registration information regarding all categories of participants. Please refer to the Registration & Badges page.

Event Services

Instructions for requesting a meeting room for large side events (similar to those scheduled in MC 2-800,  Preston Auditorium, etc.) will be shared closer to the Meetings.

Food and beverage for your office areas and bilateral meeting rooms will need to be paid for with a credit card, either with the Bank's corporate card, PCard, or a personal credit card. The catering company will provide a food and beverage order form with instructions on placing your orders. The catering order form will be provided when it is available. As in the past, expenses charged to credit cards will be reimbursed upon submission of receipts and related documents.

Business Centers

Delegation offices will be provided and will will be furnished as and provided with basic office supplies. Delegations are expected to provide their own administrative assistance. Detailed information regarding delegation offices will be provided as it becomes available. Inquiries should be directed to

Inquiries regarding conference space in should be directed to Business Center Operations:, 202-522-8299.

Business Centers and Business Center Conference Rooms will be available for use by Delegations, Observers, Civil Society Organizations, and other participants. Conference rooms can be reserved in 30 minute windows of up to two hours and may be scheduled through the business centers. Visit the Business Centers page for more information on how to book a Business Center Conference Room.

Business centers are equipped with hoteling workstations, internet-ready computers, Wi-Fi, and self-serve photocopiers. Business Center Staff will assist with accessing the internet, printing and small volume copying by request.

Garages & Parking

Information will regarding vehicles, garages, parking and general transportation be provided as it becomes available.